One week Intensive Excel training


What is the target audience?

  • Working Professionals to refresh and upgrade their skills
  • Beginners, Fresh Graduates looking to start their career

One week Intensive Excel training

This One Week Excel Training is designed to cover in greater depth with practical scenarios, all Excel tools beginners to Advanced level, that we feel everyone dealing with numbers should be expert in, specially if he is working or considering to work as an analyst or in Accounting and Finance field. This is a full week training from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm with 45 minutes break for lunch and 15 minutes of break for tea. These training sessions are conducted mostly in one of our locations. The training is all practical and helps you in getting the right expert level skills for the job. These batches are not regular batches and are announced from time to time.

This One Week Training program will benefit those who would like to gain expert level skills, or those who would like to learn some new tools for going to the next level. It will also help those who would like to get the skills in depth but at a shorter period of time. Lastly it will help freshers to learn in detail at reasonable pace and get ready to work in an organization faster.

In this One Week training session you are required to bring your laptops and we will be working together on some important exercises with real life large data. The contents of this training program will be sent to you on your registration or on your request. This training is very reasonably priced for the contents and quality you will get and also for the support you get after the training is over.

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