Corporate Training

We provide practical training to corporate employees to increase their level of efficiency and expertise. This help organizations improve the performance and close the skill gap!

We Can Help!

ICIT is a professional team with experts having experience with multinationals. We understand the business needs for training their staff in Excel, & SAP. Recently there has been increased demand for data analytics due to large and complex data. ICIT also provides training in Data Analytics tools (Power query, Power Pivot, Power BI, VBA and SQL).

We observed that only 5% of the companies employees use Excel effectively. Most do not know advanced features in Excel and update their worksheets manually. Many employees do not know important SAP features and options despite working for years. Efficiency and accuracy can be tremendously increased if staff is trained properly in the tools they use for their work. We specialize in Automation and Standardization of the processes and worksheets.

We provide Corporate training to their staff at their premises or at ours. We also provide customized training for your employees according to their requirements. If your company has a need for staff training, please contact us for practical scenario based training by our experts.


Lunch & Learn

We offer free Lunch & Learn program for the benefit of your staff. Request for Free Lunch & Learn Session in Excel or SAP at your location.

We train Corporate Employees in Excel, SAP & BI customized to their needs at their premises or at our location.